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Nottingham is a twisted version of the Robin Hood legend, starring the Sheriff of Nottingham as a medieval detective hunting an elusive serial killer with a penchant for offing Nottinghamshire’s tax collectors.

The first issue of Nottingham has now gone to a fifth priting! The second issue has gone to a fourth printing and third issue to a third! What’s more, a second volume has been announced and is coming soon!

Nottingham is published by Mad Cave Studios, illustrated by Shane Connery Volk with colours by Malkamok and edited by Brian L Hawkins. Keep your eyes peeled for preview codes so you can order it at your local purveyor of comic books!


A short comic about love and loss written by me and illustrated by J. Paul Scheik. You can find this for free on my Free Comics page.

Mad Cave Studios Talent Search

In 2019 I was one of the winning writers of the Mad Cave Studios Talent Search. You can read the announcement in PreviewsWorld here. Look out for comics written by me from Mad Cave Studios in the near future.

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